I will save you thousands on your next new car


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Find out how recent legislative changes in Australia have made an electric vehicle like a Tesla Model 3 or Hyundai Kona Electric about as affordable as an average Toyota Corolla - and get a great deal here.

  • No GST, and no FBT (ATO limits apply)

  • Reduce your taxable income

  • Fully maintained option available

  • 100% personal use completely OK


NAMED & SHAMED: The AutoExpert Lemon List

I tell the truth about cars, and the worst carmakers hate me for it. The truth is, not all cars, and certainly not all carmakers, are created equal. Buying a lemon is an abject disaster, which often hits you with the double-whammy of poor reliability and woeful support from the manufacturer. Buying a car from the worst carmakers is just too risky.


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I save Australian new car buyers over $250,000 in total, every month. 
Check out the unsolicited testimonials from customers who got back in touch after using my process.

You know how much you enjoy going to a car dealership?

You're not alone. Why not kiss it goodbye - for ever?


How I save you thousands


It's not rocket science. I'm in a commercial partnership with one of the largest commercial car-buying operations in Australia.

My mission is to get you into the right new car - at the right price. The specialist procurement team handles all the negotiation with dealers (saving you the pain) and delivers the discount independently to you.

(We buy thousands of cars each year - for all kinds of ordinary people, businesses and government agencies. That gives us tremendous buying power, meaning: big discounts for you.)

Occasionally, we can’t save you thousands. More here.

You'll never have to go face-to-face with a car salesman again - so you can sidestep the entrenched rip-offs.